Dance 'till You Drop is the second episode of Gabe and Jeremy. It aired on February 24, 2013.

Plot Edit

Jeremy gets a new video game and becomes obsessed with playing it, so Gabe bets him $5 he can't go one day without playing it. Gabe and Jeremy start watching TV, but they get bored, so they go to the mall. When they return, Gabe pretends to take a nap. Jeremy starts playing the game and Gabe tells him it was a trick. Jeremy loses the bet, so Gabe really goes to sleep and Jeremy continues playing the game.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode to have a proper intro.
  • Aeropostale and Apple TV are seen in this episode. This breaks the fourth wall.

Quotes Edit

*music playing*

Jeremy: I rock at this game!

Gabe: *walks in* Ugh.

Jeremy: Shh, I'm trying to beat my high score.

Gabe: You have got to stop playing that stupid game! Ever since you got it you've been playing non stop

Jeremy: Don't be ridiculous.

Gabe: It's 4:30 on a Saturday, and you still look the same from when you woke up!

Jeremy: I changed my clothes, see?