Camping Trip
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Season 3, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date August 2, 2014
Written by Gabriel Guimaraes
Directed by Gabriel Guimaraes
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Talk show Missing Assignment
Camping Trip is the 1st episode of Season 3 and the 13th episode overall.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with Gabe watching TV. He can't find anything to watch so he just clicks on a random channel. Jeremy walks through the door, as a continuation of Talk Show, when he left for New York. Gabe is excited by this, so he jumps around the house in happiness. Jeremy reveals that the talk show didn't go too well, and that they had only shot two episodes before they cancelled it. Later, Gabe tells him that they are going camping and Jeremy hesitates and says that the only way he would go is if there was free WiFi. When they get to the camping lodge, they set up the tent and Jeremy realizes that there is no cellular service. Gabe tells him that there isn't meant to be and Jeremy starts to throw a mini-tantrum. Jeremy looks outside and says to Gabe that maybe their tent is too close to the water. Gabe ignores Jeremy and continues the magazine he was reading. When they wake up, theit tent is in the water. Gabe starts screaming and Jeremy is annoyed by this, so he tells him to shut up. The tent stops moving, so Gabe and Jeremy try and find their way out. They go their seperate ways, but they end up in the same place, so they give up looking.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode that marks Jeremy's new visible appearance.
  • This episode was in production in October 2013.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the PearPhone 6.
  • Jeremy says that he would rather go on another road trip than go camping. This is a reference to Road Trip, an episode in Season 1.

Goofs Edit

  • In Missing Assignment, Jeremy says he got the new PearPhone 6, but he has it in this episode as well.
  • Gabe and Jeremy are in the tent when it is in the water, but with more than one person in the tent, it would be extremely dangerous as the tent could flip or break when they are in it.